AfricanDynamo was founded on August 20, 2013 and is quickly growing into a leading  news trend analysis and review site. Founded by Yomi Adeyemi who has had a life-long passion for Africa and recognition of the huge potential in Africa and its Diaspora, the site is the realization of his desire to share that with the reading public.  The site is quickly growing with a loyal following of people always hungry for more reviews and news, from a Pan-African perspective.

African Dynamo delivers cutting edge content to a well informed, tech-savvy audience. Positioning your product before our readership through an advertising campaign is an intelligent way to target a young demographic that has a high level of disposable income for technology-related purchases, and an older demographic seeking start-up and business tools as well as networking. Our well-integrated IAB units guarantee a high level of visibility for your brand or message. We also offer custom advertising solutions such as site skins, interstitial, and other high impact solutions.

We invite you to peruse some statistics on our readership, and should you have any questions, please contact our sales team.

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