Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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In keeping with our mission to highlight paradigm shifting trends in Africa, AfricanDynamo has joined the Herald Newswire Service, Nigeria’s first revenue-based press release distribution service. This service offers journalists, bloggers and media outlets much needed content, and access to a consistent revenue stream.

The news-wire service is designed to overcome the economic difficulties of modern media deployment structures, which are more difficult to monetize and maintain than traditional services. Aniekan Okono, Heraldin Service's Business Development Head has described the issue concisely;
“ The constant decline in readerships on print media requires a unique approach to generate additional revenue. We believe that having an alternative revenue source in addition to the advertisements will help sustain online and print media in Nigeria hence the need for creating a paid press release distribution network” 
By working with Nigerian journalists, online bloggers, and media outlets, Herald Newswire Distribution brings an innovative new approach to news-wire services and press release distribution for the Nigerian Market. This is a change from traditional news-wire and press release distribution services, and it is a win win situation for both Nigerian journalists, online bloggers, media outlets and also for Herald Newswire Nigeria.

AfricanDynamo has one focus: To help you understand trends in Africa and its Diaspora using the latest in cutting edge media distribution tools and services, and we know readers will appreciate the quality content this partnership will help us to continue to provide. If your interested in also joining the network, visit the Herald Newswire Publishers site.

Herald Newswire Nigeria Distribution  is a product of Heraldin Service, co in Finland. Herald Newswire distribution aims to provide a cost effective and functional distribution channel for small business and startups to use in their market entry or expansion programs in the Nigerian market.


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