Sunday, March 9, 2014

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the ohm. love war and the human condition

At this moment, over seven billion souls exist on this planet. Seven billion men, women, and children, each striving for unique hopes and dreams while trying to meet the same basic needs. 

The human experience is a grand search for contentment. For some, this might mean the achievement of lofty goals, and for others it may simply be finding a sense of belonging. Whatever it may be, for each individual born unto this Earth, the path towards fulfillment has no guidelines or directions, save the knowledge and wisdom imparted by our fellow man, and our own intuitions. 

And so we embark upon the journey together, our thundering footsteps heard across the Earth as a roiling tide of sound and fury, against the backdrop of a quiet, patient Universe.

There is Love and Hate, there is Peace and there is War. 

Through it all, we achieve the divine sense of what it is to BE.

Scientist, Entreprepreneur, and Writer Yomi Adeyemi


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