Thursday, March 27, 2014

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Everybody faces some kind of trouble from time to time, but what you do when trouble arrives at your doorstep determines your stand in life.

This is one of my favorite quotes from a preacher. Surely trouble comes to everyone, and the troubles that come into our lives determine whether we shall be successful or we shall fail. The same troubles, the same events have given two opposing futures to different people in life. The same non existence of some products have caused some people so much frustration that they wake up every morning blaming other people while some people have found opportunities for business. The same unavailability of jobs have made some people wake up, walk from street to street, looking for a job and always get frustrated at the end of the day, and the same unavailability of jobs has made some people great successful entrepreneurs. Surely trouble always comes but your attitude in front of it will determine your stand in life. Here are four steps to take when trouble comes your way:

No matter the situation at hand, no matter what comes up, whether suddenly or expectant, be calm; put yourself together and don't be moved in anyway. Most of the times, when trouble comes, when a situation arises, people get confused and are ready to take any course of action before the right time, and this usually leads to the creation of more trouble; thus it is very important to be calm and never even try to talk out. Put yourself together, hold not just your mouth, but your whole personality. Just believe in yourself that the situation at hand is just for sometime; so BE CALM.

 The only reason why many people never come out of trouble victoriously is that they create frustration by feeling hopeless about the situation at hand. No situation is too hard for the human kind to solve. All situation that will arise on this earth has their solutions, and the solutions are not found from far. Don't you ever feel like it's over for you; don't you ever feel beaten down or overcome by any situation, no matter how intimidating they may be.

Don't just wait on God or anyone to do it for you; don't just sit down. You have the solution to any problem that would ever arise against you in this world. So, devise strategies, list down alternatives, find possible ways to solve the problem; do this without stress, but rather as a game.

Giving up is almost never the right decision. Giving up is a deadly poisonous disease. Many people commit suicide because they have given up on life, so they think there is no more need to live. No matter what situations may arise, NEVER EVER GIVE UP. You may change strategy, you may change the length of time concerning some decision, but giving up? Never.  Seek your way out and one day you shall surely find the way out and it shall be well with you.

 So, whenever trouble comes to you, don't think that you are in for the worse, but rather for the better. You are in for a better life level once the results are achieved, and you'll be a stronger person for having overcome your challenges.


  1. What matters is not what happened;what matters is what happened,after whatever happened,happened! - C K Oze


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