Sunday, September 16, 2018

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Life as a second year medical student

It's Saturday night, just past 11pm. I sit at my desk in my comfy studio apartment, with a desk lamp casting a warm glow over the pile of books around me. First aid, opened (with cracked spine) to the microbiology section, Pathoma opened to a page about pneumonias, and an old notebook from last semester with some handwritten notes on bacterial virulence factors. This is my life, as I've known it for the last two years as a medical student.

The first half of medical school is, for the most part, really just a lot of good ol' book-learnin. The science of medicine is a subject as vast and complex as the human body itself, and so its study requires many hours of focused effort. The product of all this after two years is what amounts to only a broad introduction to this science, but its a base of knowledge upon which every physician builds their clinical knowledge and practice. So basically it's really important.

 Its 12am now. Which is my limit. And so I get ready for bed. Tomorrow morning its back to the books, and then meeting with the study group all afternoon. Exams in one week.

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