Sunday, June 16, 2019

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Before starting clinical rotations, every med student has a laundry list of requirements to fulfill. On top of that headache, you've also got to figure out what exactly you need to bring to rotations to be ready and prepared. Over time, I've shared and received lots of tips about what items are best to grab, and I've boiled down my everyday carry to the essentials. So to save a bit of the headache in getting prepared for clinical rotations, I thought I'd share my list with you. Here are the five essentials for success during clinical rotations:

1. White Coat 

Lab Coat

This one seems obvious. You'll need a short white coat for clinicals. Some of you might already have one given by your med school, but others may need to buy one, or want to upgrade the one you've got. Personally I prefer the Barco grey's anatomy line lab coat. It fits well, looks good, and has great functional pockets.
Barco also has a really sleek looking version for the ladies as well.

2. Stethoscope


The best advice I ever got from an attending about which stethoscope is best was "whichever one you can carry around and don't mind losing". To that end, the Littmann lightweight stethoscope is easy to carry around and perfectly serviceable for all but the most intensive cardiology-bound among us.

3. Folding Clipboard

Folding Clipboard

You'll be carrying around a variety of documents throughout the day, and a fold-able keyboard really helps to keep everything together, and of course serves as a portable writing surface. This vertical folding clipboard also comes with a bunch of really useful common lab values and other info that I've found really handy.

4. Smartphone

Smartphone apps

You've probably already got a smartphone. So what you really need to do is download apps to help you study and use as reference. Here are some of the more useful apps I've turned to:

-UptoDate (most hospitals have access)
-Epocrates (Iphone or Android)
Protip-you'll need lots of pens (mainly because the residents and attending will be permanently borrowing your pens pretty frequently). and you'll also be using a flashlight for your physical exams. SO why not combine both! These flashlight pens have been super useful for me, and you might like them as well.

  Wanna be extra-ready? You'll probably need these too:

Have any suggestions to add to this list? Feel free to comment below. Congrats on making it to the technical side of med school.


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