Sunday, March 23, 2014

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A wonderful and inspiring piece of poetry about taking charge of life, by self professed 'agent of change' Chika Kalu Oze. You can find more from Chika at

Sail with visionaries;
You will rule the night.

Swim with believers;
Nothing shall be impossible.

Flow with the strong;
The unimaginable,
Shall be achieved.

Confluence with the cheerful;
It will help your heart.

Storm with crafters;
You will make better things.

Float with planners;
Perfect delivery will be

Shore with achievers;
You will surpass expectations.

Drown with sums;
You will be number one.

-Chika Kalu Oze

Chika is a words artist, entrepreneur, and an agent of change. He is also Founder of The Universal thank You!' Day, a time for people around the world to thank each other...Just Because!


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